This year the Bulldogs have 2 players crafting their Footy Skills in the land Down Under. Tyler Ames continued his stay in Melbourne playing with the Montrose Football Club and Brian “Rippa” Rippeto playing his footy down the road with Old Geelong Football Club.


Tyler has been playing well in the Montrose reserves team. Montrose are in Division 1 of the Eastern football league. Returning for his second season with the club he has played in all 6 games this year being named in the games best players once. Tyler’s good form has him on the verge of being called up to the Division 1 team. Unfortunately his team is not showing the same good form sitting in 10th spot with only 1 win this season. Tyler took a big hit in last weekend resulting in a broken nose, however this will not slow him down as he continues to go hard at the ball DB style.


Rippa is playing with Old Geelong who play in the VAFA Premier C Division. Rippa has been showing why he is one of the Denver Bulldogs best players displaying great form in the thirds before being called up for this weekends clash against Old Mentonians. We are following Rippa closely and would like to share some reports from his current team. “Former US College footballer Graham “Ripper” Rippeto who vowed to ‘make the thirds great again'” – Old Geelong. “Our American import Brian Rippeto showed that even in the tough swirly conditions you can still hit packs hard and impose yourself physically on the contest. Some deft tap work in the forward line resulted in early scoreboard pressure and I don’t think it will be long until we see ‘Rippa’ stake his claim for selection in higher teams” – Old Geelong. Congratulation and Great job on the callup Rippa!


Both the lads are playing in very high levels of Melbourne football leagues and continue to do the Denver Bulldogs very proud!