Started by a few players across the United States! This is a group to help raise awareness and support the Australian Wildfire Relief Efforts. While we share a love of Australian Rules Football, you don’t have to be an actual player to join. This is about coming together as friends to support Australia in its time of need.


We are trying to run 10,000 miles/donate $10,000 which is roughly the distance between the United States and Australia. Because when you can’t physically be somewhere to help, we CAN get there virtually. So Friends of Footy: run, walk, swim, hike, bike, row, dance, move, AND DONATE to lend our helping hands! Let’s make a difference…together.


Here is the link to STRAVA to record your miles:


Here is the link to our GoFundMe page which will be sent directly to fire relief efforts in Australia. A copy of the donation receipt will be made visible at the end of the funding period, so you know your money actually went to help the cause!


Thank you all! Better together!