The Denver Bulldogs Men’s team is the most decorated ‘Aussie Rules’ Football in USAFL history with eight national championships. The team consists of both American and Australian players, with a mix of skill levels from advanced to beginner.

The Bulldogs are a Not-for-Profit Corporation and a qualified public charity under the Section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. The club operates and continues to grow largely thanks to the generous donations of our sponsors and from individuals within our local community.

New players are always invited to join us at any training throughout the season. No knowledge of the game is required. Most of our current players began only having experience in traditional “American” sports. Our senior players and coaches are excited to help you develop the skills and knowledge required to play Australian rules football.

The players who make up the Bulldogs are a wide ranging bunch, with a healthy mix of Australia ex-pats and Denver locals. The game requires at least 9 American players on the field at all times, so there is always a nice mix between Americans and Australians running about. From teenagers to fifty year olds; we have lawyers, engineers, marketing execs, electricians…basically people from all walks of life who are interested in learning a new sport, making some new friends, and ultimately competing for a national championship.


We are often asked how we have become so successful in the league, with many wondering how we can be such a dominant national champion. It’s not so much our recruitment strategy, nor is it that we are thought to be a fitter team due to the constant high-altitude training. We believe it all comes down to the Bulldogs culture.

The Bulldogs culture is very reflective of the age-old Australian cultural idiom of Mateship. At it’s core, Mateship is regarded as an Australian military virtue. For instance, the Australian Army Recruit Training Centre lists the “soldierly qualities” it seeks to instill as including “a will to win, dedication to duty, honour, compassion and honesty, mateship and teamwork, loyalty, and physical and moral courage.”

The similarities between this Australian value and the culture of the Bulldogs is strong. As Bulldogs, we believe we work harder than any other team in order to win, not so much for ourselves as individuals, but we do it for our mates on our team. We never get negative or down with each other; there is a uniqueness to the Bulldogs positivity and willingness to consistently encourage each other. And finally we are known for our bravery. Willing to throw our heads over the footy and play the game with a certain fierceness that sends other teams running in the other direction.

So if you’re looking for a sport that offers more than the average volleyball team can, you may have just found it.


The Denver Lady Bulldogs formed in 2008 and within two years were USAFL National Champions. Coached by the infamously wise Bruce Durrell, the women have earned six USAFL national championships over the last six years and are looking forward to more future victories. Our strong team spirit, great leadership, and incredible athletes have made our team unbeatable in women’s footy.

Most Lady Bulldogs have a background in soccer, rugby, basketball, or gaelic (irish) football. Experience in any of these sports will make you a natural at Australian Rules Football. New players are always invited to join us at any training throughout the season. We’ll teach you everything you need to know. Come join us for a kick or a just a darn good workout.

Player Kelli Hahn said it best: “My teammates are some of my best friends. We aren’t all ridiculously amazing athletes, we don’t all train every single day; we are just normal, everyday people who happen to enjoy the game. We also are lucky enough to be part of one of the most tight-knit clubs in the league and have the support of all of the men on the team, who watch our games, cheer for us, and encourage us to play our hardest.”


The Denver Bulldogs Australian Rules Football Club welcomes all players.

The Denver Bulldogs, being committed to equality, diversity, and inclusion in participation and representation both on and off the field, prohibits discrimination by or against any individual, potential teammate, or athlete on the basis of: race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, genetics, socioeconomic status, and any other characteristic protected under any relevant state or federal law.

The Denver Bulldogs grants all individuals to play free of discrimination, and with equal opportunity. In an effort to accommodate all our players, we provide training and support to address various skills, ability, and individual comfort levels.

Welcome to the club!



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