The Denver Bulldogs have taken the long flight south to Bogota, Columbia for our opening match in the 2019 season. The Denver Bulldogs will do battle with the host team, Botoga Bulldogs. Bogota is a developing new team with lots of love for the game, but unfortunately, there is only one other club in South America. We are pleased to begin this bulldog partnership and ongoing rivalry. We hope to make this an annual event with our Bulldog friends from South America and help grow the sport internationally. Saying this we are ready to play Bulldog footy and show no mercy. The Bulldogs are traveling light, only being able to muster together 14 guys. The Denver Bulldogs very own, Zoe Tran Do will join players from Minnesota and Sacramento to play in the first ever women’s game of Australian Football in South America.

The  Denver Bulldogs have been in Bogota a couple of days now and have been enjoying the sights and sounds of Columbia. Today some of the local players took our Denver boys out to participate in some actives in the city’s historic center. The team then enjoyed a traditional lunch and some highly spirited ping pong matches. The boys were then challenged to a traditional game of tejo. Tonight they Dogs will be joined by the Botoga players and family and enjoy a welcome dinner before getting an early nights sleep in preparation of tomorrows match. There is absolutely no chance that the likes of Paddy, Fleety, Philthy, and Jezza will be out enjoying the nightlife before the big game.


Tomorrow will be the opening matches for the Denver Bulldogs 2019 season. The team will be lead by the experience of Lachie Fleet, Phil Camping and Jeremy O’Connell. The team is confident that we can come away with a big victory. Last years best and fairest, John Clayton will join the boys down back. Paddy and Philthy will rotate through the ruck all day, While Big Boy Ben will lead deep out in front from the goal square.

The Doggies would like to welcome and congratulate Spencer, Ryan, and Mike for playing the first games for the mighty Denver Bulldogs. LET’S GO BULLDOGS!!! Be More Bulldog and Stay In The Kennel.