What is Australian Rules Football?
Aussie Rules, also known as “footy”, is a fast-paced game like no other. In short, it involves running the ball, punting, receiving, dribbling, tackling, and, of course, scoring. Oh, and you’ve been warned… this sport is addicting!
When does the season start and end?

In 2019, Training (practice)  starts on Wednesday, May 1st and continues every Wednesday and Saturday through October 9th. The 2019 USAFL Nationals will be held October 12-13 in Sarasota Florida. Teams usually takes the month of July off from training, but maintaining your fitness during that time is essential. Check out the events page for an update on the Summer break dates.

Where do you play?

Trainings and our intra-club games (known as the Colorado League) are held at Washington Heights Park. Times of training/Colorado League games are:

Wednesday 6pm – 8pm
Saturday 930am – 1130am

We also play games around the country, typically traveling 3 – 4 times per year, with home games from visiting teams 2 – 3 times per year.

What are training/practices like?
Expect two hours of solid running, skill work, drills, and scrimmages. We absolutely love welcoming new players who want to come and try out the sport. We will work with you one-on-one to give you an overview of the basic skills, then include you with the group to try some of the fitness and skills challenges. You’ll have a ton a fun!
Do I have to be a certain type to play?
No, that’s the great thing about Aussie Rules footy. We have players from all walks of life, some from high-school, some even in their 50’s. Unlike Basketball or American football, you don’t need to be tall, or a specific build to thrive in this sport. Aussie Rules allows ANYONE to play and have a blast in doing so.
How much does it cost?

To try it, NOTHING! Come down to training and give it a go.

If you enjoy it and like the challenge of learning a fun new sport, then you can become a member of the club.

Rookie Season – $100

Returning Players – $200

Social Members – $40

In addition, all travel expenses are at our own expense, but game organizers do their best to make tournaments as affordable as possible. To play in official games, you must also be a registered member of the USAFL. USAFL membership dues are include in these prices.

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