Welcome new Head Coach Jarryd Watters

In 2019, Jarryd Watters will be the Denver Bulldogs Head Coach, and he’ll be supported by a coaching team including new Director of Coaching James Waddell, seasoned Reserves Coach Rich Mann and an experienced group of assistant coaches including Leigh McMahon, Tim Wilson-Humphries and Tom Harkness, among others who will likely join the team.

Unfortunately, Jarryd’s knee injury in 2018 has made playing doubtful for him in 2019, so with Jarryd coaching from the sideline, it offers the Bulldogs a new perspective in 2019. Jarryd joined the club last year after moving to Denver from Australia. Jarryd grew up playing the game we all love and has extensive experience as a player. Jarryd played his junior football career for the Forest Lions and senior footy at the North Shore Football Club. Before joining the Bulldogs Jarryd was a premiership player and Life member of the North Shore Football Club where he played 202 games.. After staring in the first couple of games for the Bulldogs last year Jarryd suffered a season ending knee injury. We are excited for this new coaching appointment and look forward to all Jarryd has to offer the club.

Thank you to Tom (Harko) Harkness for his leadership as Head Coach over the past 3 seasons, and his continued commitment to the Bulldogs as he remains an integral part of the club as an Assistant Coach and player.