The Dingos got off to another fast start with Phil winning most of the taps early helping Leigh and former dragons now bulldogs recruit Cam dominate the center clearances. This helped the Dingos get off to an earlier 3 goal lead with full forward Tom taking some strong marks and converting. Lez was running free and kicked 2 goals, as it begun to look like another run away win for the dingos. Lachie, Cam, Lez, Pete and Phil ran rampant while Tom was taking solid grabs down forward. Some questionable umpiring by Harko got Alex and Ben fired up as they both started barking orders from down back for their respective teams and the game started to tighten up.

During the first break the Kelpies decided that the dingos runners need to be shutdown. Tuttle was given the job of tagging lez keeping him almost without a possession in the second quarter. Alvi got lose and kicked an early goal to get the Kelpies up and running. Paddy started to dominate the ruck duel and the kelpies midfield lead by Jezza grinded there way back into the game. Kirky missed a couple of set shots but was getting some good touches before Tait and Fleety took control upforward and started slotting some goals. Cam kept running with his supreme fitness kicking another to keep the dingos in the lead. Noble turned back the clock with a running snap at goal for the Dingos to stop the flow of goals. Timmy, Garth and the Posey brothers stood tall down back but the delivery into both teams forward line was perfect.

The Dingos took a 9 point lead into the final quarter. An inspirational three quarter time speech by Fleety motivated the Kelpies to make another comeback. Pete and Luke’s run and goals through the midfield was not enough to keep the dingos lead, as Drew, vickers and Jezza start getting on top in the midfield. Dylan and Lachie kept running and trying to motivate the Dingos to get back on top but it wasn’t enough as Kirky roved the pack late and kicked the game winning goal on the run. The kelpies locked the ball down forward for the final few minutes and Vickers kicked a sneaky goal out of the pack to seal the game..

Arguably the toughest, hardest running and most skillful games seen in this series had the kelpies finish strong to regain top spot on the Colorado Cup ladder.

Kelpies 14.10.94
Dingos 12.10.84

Best: Tuttle, Alvi, Tom, Timmy, Kirky, Jezza and Paddy

Kelpies: Fleety 6, Tait 5, Kirky 1, Vickers 1, Alvi 1
Dingos: Cam 3, Lez 3, Pete 2, Tom 1, Noble 1, Luke 1, Lachie 1