Colorado Cup Game 3

With the series tied 1-1, game 3 looked set for another tussle as both teams looked even as they ran out on Washington Heights Park in another 90f+ scorcher. The Kelpies tried rookie Mikey in the ruck and it worked with him winning the tap, but the Dingoes mid-field of Lez and Jarryd were getting first use of the ball moving forward easily. The Dingoes forward line with Ben, Nobes, Lachie and Luke were getting lots of opportunities and racking up the goals but they also missed easy shots as the Dingoes jumped out to an early lead. The Kelpies were breaking down across the mid-field and unable to deliver the ball down to Fleety who was growing frustrated.

In the second, the Dingoes Jared, Caleb, Scott C and Dan also combined across half-back clearing the ball continually to give the Dingoes great opportunities, and even though the Kelpies made a few changes with Tait going down back to join rookie Andrew, Jimmy and Drew, the Dingoes kept scoring and would lead 11 goals to 3 at three quarter time.

In the final, the Kelpies switched Fleety and Jordan down back and Tait moved into the forward line. The Dingoes moved Lochie, Luke and Scott C into the mid-field but the Kelpies mid-field lifted dramatically with Jezza and Alvi gettig a lot of the ball. Scott T was terrific along the wing too. Tait was up and about in the forward line kicking 5 goals in the last to lead the Kelpies fight back. Derek, Jimmy and Drew stood up in the back line with Fleety’s leadership, and cleared the ball numerous times to repel the Dingoes, and the Kelpies had most of the possession in the last scoring freely. But Phil moved forward to kick 2 goals, Ben continued standing tall with some great marks and goals, and Nobes kicked 2 more in the last to steedy the ship. The Kelpies were not able to overcome the huge lead the Dingoes had amassed earlier, and the Dingoes held on in a high scoring match.

Dingoes 17.11.113
Kelpies 16.8.104

Best: Jarryd, Scott C, Alvi, Garth & Jezza,
Goals: Noble 5, Tait 5, Lez 2, Phil 2, & others