Colorado Cup Game 6

The final game of the regular season would see the winner finish on top and take the minor premiership. The morning turned out to perfect conditions for footy. With the holiday just round the corner numbers were low and both teams would only take to the ground with 10 players. The big forwards were out for the Kelpies and the Dingo’s would welcome back some midfield guns.

The Kelpies were missing there regular ruck man. Wolfe put his hand up to take on the challenge and instantly cannonballed through the first bounce winning the ball down to Alvi who kicked it forward. Kirky got on the end of it, shrugged a tackle and snapped a goal. The Kelpies would kick a goal in the first 30 seconds but struggle for the remainder of the quarter. The dingo’s midfield then took control and banged home the next 3 or 4 goals. Andy, Cam and Pete were becoming a handful and were getting clearance and goals for dingo’s. Harko was intercepting marks across the half backline and snagged one late for the Kelpies to close the lead to 3 goals.

The second quarter was a much more even matchup. President Noble showed he was here to play and win the goal kicking. He was having shots from everywhere and slotted 2 for the dingoes. Alvi started running through the midfield along with Ben Marcum and both pushed forward to kick 2 more goals for the kelpies. Johnny C was taking some big marks and causing trouble for the dingo’s backline. Luke was his usual self running fast down the wing. Nick Garcia was big presence down forward and surprisingly for a full forward was giving handballs off left right and center. New Ben would be on the receiving end for a couple for the Dingo’s. Cam, Pete and Andy were playing like stars and continued to bang home goals. Late in the quarter Noble gave away two 50 meters goals which resulted in a goal for alvi late. The dingo’s would take a handy lead into the last.

Richie, Mason and Peter showed that they were going to be strong players for the dogs, they were getting plenty of the ball and crafting there new love of the game. Richie was strong down back teaching the new kelpies. Phil had been working hard all day and was reward with a goal just before being smashed through the ground by Wolfe. Cam continued to preform as the best on ground kicking more goals Dingo’s. Andy Pete showed why they are some of the best in the USAFL. Johnny C found his spot up forward and kicked a couple for the Kelpies. He was going for his 3rd straight but couldn’t get around Fullback of the century Alex who had to amazing back to back smoothers to deny the Kelpies. New Nick and Posey had been strong down back all day for the Dingo’s and shut the door on any kelpie’s comeback. The trio of Alex, Posey and Nick would proof to be too strong all day for the Kelpies forward. Ben rotated through the midfield and gave Kirky to give the kelpies some extra run until he took an elbow to the face. Kirky would return to the forward line and kick another late goal putting the kelpies behind by just a 9 points but it was too late as the Dingo’s run out victorious by 12 points and securing top spot on the Colorado Cup Ladder.

Congratulations to on Peter, Nick and Mason on their first metro game for the Denver Bulldogs.

Dingos 9.8.62
Kelpies 7.6.48

Best: Cam, Andy, Pete, Wolfe, Alvi, New Nick, Garcia

Goals: Cam, Kirky, Alvi, Harko, Ben, Derek, John, Noble, Pete, Phil, Luke, Ben