Lack of numbers from the Vancouver Cougars brought a schedule change for the men. After an impressive performance from the Lady Bulldogs the Seattle and Denver Men were to play two games. The first would be the primary game of the day for the Bulldog men with emphasis placed here while the second game would add Vancouver players to each team with some emphasis placed on getting everyone who traveled adequate playing time, trying out people at different positions and resting players with injuries. Finally, the Seattle v Vancouver game was scrapped and replaced with what was a ~9v9 co-ed all-comers game.

Game 1 Den v Sea:
Both teams came out the gate strong with Seattle’s ruckman sending a booming tap clear of the contest where the Bulldog wings and halfbacks found the footy but Seattle gained it back and converted a quick goal.

Unphased the Bulldogs controlled the remainder of the early part of the half moving the ball inside 50 several times and keeping it there. Flankers Tom Ryan & Marcus Colby strafed the 50m meter line with leads combined with Pockets Steve Noble and Andrew Alvarez leading hard to space. This teamwork allowed the Bulldogs to move ahead on the scoreboard. When the Bulldogs weren’t scoring goals, they swamped the Grizzles with their kick-in defense. This pressure sent the Bulldogs into halftime with the lead.

In the 2nd half the bulldogs continued their pressure and extended their lead to around 3 goals. Seemingly never more than an arm’s length away from his man, Alex Beard put on excellent pressure which was just what the doggies needed. Despite the height and strength of the Seattle ruckman, Patrick Devlin shined all day at ruck winning many taps and preventing clean wins for Seattle on the rest. The few clean taps Seattle got were sent long but read well by Luke Durkin coming off the wing. The Grizzles did not relent scoring a goal to close it to about a 2-goal margin. Out of the midfield on-ballers Tom Crameri and Dan Duffy seemed to be everywhere. The Bulldogs kept playing their game putting the forward and midfield pressure on rather than backing in. However, the Grizzlies counter-attacked getting the back door and securing a number of worrisome inside 50s but the veteran Bulldog backline played with remarkable composure and held it in. The four anchors of the backline Tim Wilson-Humphries, Max Eckstein, Jeff Posey and Alex Mayberry seemed an impenetrable force. Combined with the likes of Andy Vanica and Dylan Braun on the flanks they moved the ball up the wing where the unstoppable Tom Harkness took mark after mark. Cries of, “who’s got number 7” rang out but he could not be stopped. He then moved the ball forward where the swarming on-ballers Tom Crameri and Dan Duffy were yet again always in the play. Anchored at a key position by American Adam Wufus the movement of the Bulldogs forwards kept possession of the footy and put many a scoring shot toward goal. The Bullodgs would hold on for a comfortable win 6.7.43 to 4.3.27

Game 2 Den/Van v Sea/Van:
The game started once again with quick goals from both the Dogs and the Grizz. Nick Garcia would mark a laser kick into the forward line to continue the inside 50 pressure prominent in the first game. Drew McMahon took on much off the ruck work and rose to the occasion allowing the bulldog and couguar midfield get plenty of the footy.

Up forward Taylor Morseth reigned in many a mark. One kick toward goal was snagged on the line by Patrick Devlin who converted for a goal of his own. Trailing, a few minutes into the first half Andrew Alvarez put himself in front of the goal for a rebound off a set shot and quickly tapped it through to keep the Doggies chopping at the Grizz.

With about 7 minutes to play the Grizzles had less than a goal lead. The bulldogs fought hard continuing to get the ball inside 50 but Seattle counterattacked and scored a goal with 3 minutes to go giving them a daunting goal and a half lead. Yet the bulldogs were not phased and quickly returned a goal to bring it back within reach. With a little over a minute to go the Bulldogs once again put it inside 50 only to have Seattle return the volley to the midfield. Nick Moretto who had been getting the footy all day once again came up with it and would take a key mark with 20 seconds remaining. He composed himself and sent a good kick forward unfortunately for the dogs Seattle came up with the mark and held on 38-34.

Players Cup:
With strong teamwork all around the ground it would normally be hard to select just one Bulldog for the award, however; the remarkable day-long dominance and marking efficiency carried Harko to a runaway win in the vote for the Player’s Cup. Alex Mayberry & Max Eckstein also yielded two votes and one vote respectively for their performance in the backline. Patty Devlin’s performance in the ruck earned him a vote along with Taylor Morseth’s marking prowess earning him a vote.


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