Dear Coaches & Players,

The USAFL, in partnership with the Coach Association, is proud and excited to offer a USAFL Player development webinar for First and Second-year players. The webinars will be conducted by Chris Adams and Jason Becker.

Players will learn about USAFL programs and resources, skill development as well as particular skills. They will be expected to complete homework including introducing and running drills at their home club. The last session will involve group presentations of set plays for assigned situations. All sessions will be recorded and participants will receive copies of the presentations.

USAFL Player Development Webinar

When: 9 pm Eastern on Tuesday 4/23, 5/28, 6/25 and 7/23
Who: First and second-year USAFLW/M players.
What: Chris Adams (Washington Juniors) and Jason Becker (Revo Assistant Coach) will lead players through individual and team skill development. Teaching skills, team structures, and drills. Players will be expected to attend each of the 4 webinars, complete homework including running drills with their home club and complete a group presentation.
How much: FREE!
Information: Chris Adams at

Seb Aguiari

United States Australian Football League – President