Conditions were a sharp contrast from game 1, as the Dingoes and Kelpies ran out on to the field in 80f+ and blazing sunshine, so the skills should be sharp in dry conditions.

It was 13-aside game, and again 1/3 of the players were new for 2018, but a couple of the veterans like Andy and Marcus pulled on the jumper for a run. The Dingoes were getting great clearances out of the middle with Phil in the ruck, holiday maker Cal combining with Davey on the wing, and old man Clarky was taking great marks down forward. Kelpies defenders Derek, Ben and another Bulldog stalwart Tim were challenged but stood tall. Karl was also lurking as a small forward and he too was trying to add to his goal kicking from last week. New American Nick was great around the midfield and the Kelpies combined with a lot of slick handballs thru the mid field to counter the Dingoes. In a low scoring first half the Dingoes had a small lead, 4 goals to 3 at half time.

The second half, both teams moved the ball a lot better and the forwards stood tall with some great marks and goals with Lockie for the Kelpies and Tom for the Dingoes. Wolfe and Drew switching out the ruck for the Kelpies, presented around the ground a lot and were great marking targets. In a tussle that went goal for goal, the Dingoes had there chances but Nobes missed two east shots. Alex had his hands full with both Fleety and Taiter moving well down forward, but Alex made some great spoils and long clearances down the wing to Andy, who took a few bounces and kicked great running goals twice. The Kelpies held on in the last 5 minutes to win by 9 points.

Dingoes 9.10.64
Kelpies 11.7.73

Best: Nick M, Andy, Wolfe
Honorable mentions: Drew, Clarky, Austin, Davey, Tom & Fleety