The Bulldogs were excited for their first Colorado Cup (metro) game of the season, but the weather wasn’t cooperating. The boys ran out to 50f, drizzle and slick conditions. After a few weeks of training everyone’s skills would be tested. It was great to see some veteran Bulldogs dust off their boots and show some form of old, but it was the new recruits that stood out, especially Nick and Karl, who kicked their first goals in footy.

Half of the Dingoes were new recruits, some never having touched a footy before today, and the veteran Kelpies looked strong with experience. However, the Dingoes came out early and moved the ball forward several times and eventually got the first major. With the wet conditions the ball was on the ground and contested a lot, with some fierce tackles. Obviously, all the boys have been itching to get back at it. Alvi, for the Kelpies, keep getting clearances out of the center in the first half, but the Dingoes had the half time lead in the low scoring game.

Newbie Lachie stood strong up forward with a great mark, deviled by another newbie Dave to start out the second half. The Kelpies seemed to have most of the ball in the second half but couldn’t get majors on the board easily enough. The Kelpies were down by a point with 2 minutes to go and in one last push forward, three new Americans combined with Drew kicking a goal to seal the Dingoes first win of the season.

Dingoes  5.6.36

Kelpies   4.5.29

Honorary mention to all the newbies who’ve never played footy before: Mikey, Karl, Tim, Nick, Tom and Derek(forgive us, if we forgot your name but great game guys!). Best players for the day included: Wolfe, Jarryd, Chris, Alvi, Lachie, J Posey

Steven Noble

Denver Bulldogs ARFC