In 2016 we introduced the new player spotlight series. In 2018 we are bringing it back, we’ll introduce you to one of our up-and-coming Bulldogs stars each week. This week, we’d like you to meet Karl Whitman, or “Turtle” as he’s known by some of his teammates. Karl is one of our younger bulldogs and made his debut for dogs in Des Moines during to 80/35 tournament early this month. Karl has continue to impress  during the Colorado Cup.

Q: What sports did you play prior to giving Aussie Rules footy a go (or previous footy clubs)?

I played soccer and hockey. I also competed in rock climbing nationally.

Q: What attracted you to footy?

My dad always watched it when I was growing up. From having this influence in my life, I was educated about how awesome the sport was. I Found out a few years later that we had a club in Denver. Once I was old enough to compete in the USAFL, I joined the team

Q: Favorite part of the game now? 

My favorite part of the game is the comradery. The team become part of your extended family once your feet touch the pitch. The bulldogs really play for each other and you feel protected by your team mates on the field.

Q: Best memory as a Bulldog so far? 

My favorite memory so far is the epic drive to Des Moines for my first tournament. We had some special weather to say the least at 1am in the morning. Also that poor turtle…..

Q: What are your personal goals for this year?
My goal this year is to earn a spot and become a strong member of this team. Most of all I want to become a player that my teammates can trust and depend on.

Thanks Karl for being one of many great new players this year. Excited to continue to watch you grow!