Colorado Cup Game 5

The fast starting Dingo’s would again get out to an early lead. The dingo’s welcomed back Dan U and Nick G after a leave of absence and they immediately had an impact linking well up forward and slotting home some majors. After conceding the first couple of goals the Kelpies got on the board with Tait snapping a goal and Derek converting from a free kick. However the dingo’s defense was strong for a majority of the quarter with Jarryd rebounding strong across the half backline and Posey leading new bulldogs Karl and Mark on the last line. Dingo’s big forward Lachie took some strong marks and was impressive kicking a couple of majors before the first break. Karl and Luke were running freely through the midfield. The dingoes went into the break with handy lead.

The beginning of the second started with an epic ruck battle between Phil and Paddy. Both players were running and creating chances forward for their respective teams. The kelpies midfield started to get some clearances and moving the ball forward fast. Leigh and Ben took command of the backline and moved the ball forward to Kirky, Tait and Brad who kicked the next few goals to tie the game up. Kirky took the ball about 40 meters out and snapped it to Paddy who was on the line and convert again for the Kelpies. Brucy was quite on the wing but once he got within distance, he snapped a beautiful goal from the pocket and the kelpies were up and about. New Dingo’s Davey and Ben along with Phil started to get some stats. The dingo’s had to lift and it would be provide from Luke who ran through the middle of the ground and opened the game up. The dingoes moved Danu down back to steady the ship. Big forwards Lachie, Tom and Nick were taking big grabs. Nick was handing the ball off and assisting in all the goals. Veteran forward Steve Noble kicked a couple of goals and showed why he is in contention for the goal kicking award. The dingo’s once again held a small lead going into the last quarter.

Paddy started to get on top of the ruck battle and was providing opportunity to the kelpie’s midfield. A gruesome kick to Luke’s midsection (which bought a tear to every mans eye) would slow the dingo’s run down and allowed Vickers, Alvi and Drew to get the ball into the fast moving kelpie’s forward line. Kirky kicked a couple more goals and Alvi slotted one late to give the dingo’s the lead. The Dingo’s were not out of it yet with Tom, Davey and Ben linking up well to keep the team alive. The dingo’s banged home a long goal to take a 4 point lead late. Jimmy and Andy shutdown the Kelpies backline and had been strong all day. With only seconds remaining Vickers got the Clarence and kicked the ball in low to a diving Brad who took the mark. He went back to take his kick about 60 meters out and one of the dingo’s ran through the mark, costing them a 50 meters penalty. Brad would go back from dead in front to give the Kelpies a 2 point victory.

Congratulations to Mark on his first metro game for the Denver Bulldogs. First year bulldogs Tom, Davey, Ben, Jimmy, Andy, Karl ,Lachie, Brad and Alvi continue to impress.

Kelpies 10.8.68
Dingoes 10.6.66

Best: Leigh, Jarryd, Paddy, Luke, Ben, Dave, Phil, Derek and Mark
Goals: Kirky, Tait, Noble, Brad, Derek, Paddy, Jarryd, Dave, Lochie, Dan