The women only traveled to Sacramento this past weekend with 10 players.  They played Sacramento Lady Suns first.  The DLB’s were up to a comfortable lead at half time, with Anna Thexton scoring at least one goal and a couple of behinds.  Player Coach Hallie Adrian decided to experiment with positions and have Kate Mascher take over the Ruck for that game.  Susan Bruce and Kassi Wilkerson took on the wings and open space in game 1.  Kassi stood out as she was assigned to specifically slow down All-American and AFL hopeful, Katie Klatt. The last 10 minutes, the DLB’s seemed to just run out of steam, having borrowed players and zero subs. Standout players in game one were Colleen Macnab and Jess Gray.  The final score was SAC: 4.3.27 def. DEN 3.4.22.

The second game was an entirely different story.  The San Francisco Iron Maidens had just crushed the Sacramento Lady Suns in a brutal hard hitting match.  Coach and Captain Adrian let her teammates know “SF just hit hard, but we hit harder.  We are the aggressors!” Adrian went back to her prime time spot at Ruck, moving Mascher down the field to Center Half Forward.  Jessica Gray, Alison Bremner, and Adrian dominated the center bounces and almost always walked away with possession.  Ti Streff manned the full back line and shut down former pro soccer star Carly Smolak.  Susan Bruce and Lindsey Kastanek owned the open space playing at wing.  Kastanek dominated the left side of the field and score majority of the 40 points that the DLB’s put up.  Mascher also took some killer marks and scored from the CHF position.  The top players for game two were Lindsey Kastanek and Alison Bremner.  While the DLB’s hit hard and took on contested matches The Final score DEN 5.10.40 def. SF 0.3.3.

The standout player of the entire weekend who earned the Player’s Cup was rookie Alison Bremner.  She took more than 10 hard contested marks and even scored her first goal over the weekend.  Her work with Adrian, Wilkerson and Gray in the middle resembled that of a seasoned player in the sport.

Game 1: SAC: 4.3.27 def. DEN 3.4.22.

Game 2: DEN 5.10.40 def. SF 0.3.3.