It was a great turn out with 37 Bulldogs players showing up for round 3 of the Colorado Cup: Dingoes v Kelpies. The series was tied 1-1 and both teams would start with 16 on-field and a small bench to rest players during the 60 minute tussle.

The Kelpies would start strong out of the middle, kicking with a slight breeze and several clearances. But inaccuracy would prove an issue. Harko seemed to go unmanned running out of the middle and around the ground, leading to him kicking 2 majors for the Kelpies, but the forwards could only managed 5 behinds for the first third. Alex and Dom were terrific out of defense for the Dingoes and moved the ball down the wings thru Andy and Noble, who combined with Robbo and Nick – each kicking a goal.

The Dingoes lifted in the second with Phil and Oscar combining out of the center clearances. The Dingoes would go on to control the ball and kick 4 goals from Robbo, Newq, Jensen and Destry. The Kelpies hung in for the second kicking against a slight breeze uphill, but coming of a best performance from the week before Marcus could only manage 1 straight kick for the day and veteran Bobby also goaled to keep the Kelpies in touch, down by 2 goals going into the last change.

The Kelpies rallied for the last term and their mid-fielders, including Brian, did all the damage. New Aussie recruit Ian “easy” lead the way with the first goal.  The Dingoes did not give up and keep moving the ball forward and Dom replied with a straight kick running through the play. Mich leveled the scores with a goal for the Kelpies. In a scrapie game of footy, pressure was intense all around the ground with the ball constantly contested and numerous ball-ups. The Dingoes had their chances to extend the lead but could only manage behinds. Brent kicked another goal for the Kelpies to tie the scores but in one final thrust forward Jensen had a set shot for goal with several minute to go. Unfortunately he missed, but the Dingoes would hold on to win by 1 point in an evenly matched thriller.


Dingoes  7 . 9 . 51

Goals:  Robbo 2, Nick, Newq, Jensen, Destry, Dom

Best:  Andy, Alex, Oscar, Dom


Kelpies  7 . 8 . 50

Goals: Harko 2, Brent, Marcus, Bobby, Ian, Mich

Best: Brent, Ian, Mich, Harko