There were a few important ins for both sides in the 2nd Round of the Colorado Cup. Leigh and Newq were big inclusions for the Dingoes lineup, however they would sorely miss Alex and Oscar who were instrumental in the first game. Returning from injuries, Harko and Wuf added height and experience that had been missing from the Kelpies lineup but the two key outs of Tait and Brian would challenge the boys in red. The Lady Bulldogs joined in for the first half adding a lot of national championship experience to the contest.

The Kelpies started well and got on top early thanks to some hard earned center clearances from Scott C, Scott T and Mich. The forward line was up and about too. Marcus was involved across half forward kicking 2 goals, Bobby chimed in for 1 and Bayden’s strong leads tested the all-american backline of McVicker, Nick C, B Posey, Luke and John. Damage got in on the action taking a strong mark at center half forward and finishing with an important goal. The Dingoes were able to move the ball forward but couldn’t capitalize on their hard work. Late in the term Robbo and Noble found their rhythm and held marks, resulting in 2 majors, and keeping the Dingoes within 3 goals of the Kelpies going in to the first change.

Some clever positional changes saw the Dingoes move Robbo and Noble into defense after the break to add some experience down back. The Dingoes midfield lifted as Phil, Newq, Jensen, Pete and Andy got numerous center clearances resulting in quick goals to Nate, Nick, Andy and Leigh to give them the lead and the momentum. All over the ground the intensity lifted and tackling improved. Down back for the Dingoes John kept spoiling Bayden’s strong leads and the Dingoes backline did an excellent job of being first to the ball and rebounding from defense. In a show of his younger self, Bobby shrugged a tackle in the square to kick the Kelpies only goal for the second. Scores were level at the final break 6.2.38 each and the stage was set for a battle royal.

The pressure was on in the last and the intense tackling led to fumbles and a few mistakes. But the ever reliable defense of Tim, Dom and Harko combined time and time again to repel the Dingoes attack. Harko took it upon himself, running from half back, through the square and kicking a cracker from 50. Not to be out done, Marcus and Wuf combined on the flank resulting in Wuf’s first goal. The Kelpies held a 2 goal lead for a short moment, until Robbo snuck forward from center half back to kick a goal and keep the Dingoes in touch. J Posey, Scott C and Scott T kept moving the ball forward and the pressure was on the Dingoes. Inaccuracy would prove an issue as the Kelpies could only manage 3 points, unable to put the Dingoes away. Leigh also dropped back in defense with McVicker, Shakespeare and Noble clearing the ball. Wuf and Marcus both managed great marks and goals in the last 5 minutes to seal the win for the Kelpies.

Kelpies   10 . 5 . 65

Goals:  Marcus 3, Bobby 2, Wuf 2, Bayden 1, Damage 1, Harko 1
Best:  Marcus, Scott C, Wuf, Harko

Dingoes   7 . 4 . 46

Goals:  Robbo 2, Noble 1, Leigh 1, Andy 1, Nait 1, Nick G 1
Best:  Leigh, John, Robbo, Phil

The 10-game series is tied 1-1, and Game 3 will be on Wednesday 22 June.

The clubs focus is now firmly set on next weekend’s Central Regional Tournament where the Bulldogs will take on Austin, Dallas and Columbus. Good luck to all the boys going.