Conditions were perfect for the first Colorado Cup game of 2016, the sun was out, temp in the high 60s and only a slight breeze at Washington Heights Park.

The Dingoes won the toss and elected to kick with the breeze. Captains for the day were Mich and Steve Noble. Early on Wuffy injured his groin, which was a blow to the Kelpies midfield. The Dingoes took advantage with Phil, Oscar & Pete moving the ball effectively out of the guts and setting up Robbo, who looked formidable early, with two strong marks both resulting in goals. Nick Garcia joined in with a goal for the Dingoes, who jump out to a 3 goal lead. The Dingoes backline, led by Alex, pressured the Kelpies and limited them to only scored 1 goal 3 points in the first.

Tait moved from the middle to the forward line in the second and it proved successful with him scoring a few goals. However, the Dingoes backline kept repelling the attack. Jensen and Andy moved the ball well down the wings and the Robbo/Rich dream team managed to kick 6 straight goals. There were great tackles, including McVicker taking down Bayden, and defensive pressure increased as the game rolled on. Brian stepped up in the ruck to fill in for injured Wuf, and was strong all around the ground. The Kelpies rallied and moved the ball well out of defense with the 2 Scotts combining well, but couldn’t capitalize down forward. Goal sneak Bruce got plenty of the ball, along with Mich, but again inaccuracy cost the Kelpies who kicked 3-3.

The Dingoes led by 4 goals going into the last, but the Kelpies kicked the first 2 goals. Noble kicked a goal that appeared to steady the ship for the Dingoes, but the Kelpies keep coming and scored the next couple of goals to come within 8 points. Bayden was terrific in defense and reduced Robbos impact in the last. Cody and Collin snuck in with late goals to give the Kelpies hope as it would be a battle of attrition as exhaustion started to set in during the first game. The Dingoes kicked the last 2 goals of the game to come home winners 12.2.74 to the Kelpies 8.10.58

Big thanks to the players, umpires and supporter who came down and helped make it a great start to the 2016 season. Go Bulldogs!

Dingoes   12 . 2 . 74

Goals:  Robbo 6, Rich 3, Nick G 2, Noble 1
Best:  Alex, Oscar, Robbo, Andy

Kelpies   8 . 10 . 58

Goals:  Tait 4, Colin 1, Mich 1, Brian 1, Cody 1
Best:  Tait, Bayden, Brian