The Bulldogs headed south to Austin to take on the Crows. The bulldogs once again struggled for numbers and traveled light. Eight of the Dogs turned up early on Friday and settled into the hotel with a pasta dinner and watched the rain fall. Another four Bulldogs flew in late on a delayed flight which arrived at 2am. The remaining Bulldogs were flying in Saturday morning minutes before game time.

Saturdays mornings flight was delayed by about 40 minutes and the Dogs would turn up at the game with 13 players. Luckily Austin had 100’s of players ready to go and lent the dogs 5 players until our boys arrived. As the players begun to warm up the heavens opened up and the rain began to fall. The first quarter would see the Doggies scraped hard in what could only be described as “swamp” like conditions. The rain poured throughout the first quarter, the Defence stood strong, the midfielders forced the ball forward and the offence put a score on the board. As Quarter time approached the remaining Denver players arrived and the score would show the Dogs down by a kick.

At the quarter time break field management approached Austin and advised them that the field was now closed due to the terrible conditions. Terrible conditions do not stop footy players and the two teams packed into cars and drove across down to a new field.

The Austin Crows would control most of the second quarter putting a handful of goals on the board but the Dogs forwards worked together and snagged a late goal from the boundary #SaveTheDribble. During the third quarter the rain stopped and the Crows skills and ball movement started to shine like the sun breaking through the clouds. The Dogs would continue to play hard footy but lost one of their key midfielders to injury. The Denver defense were under the pump for the remainder of the match. There was plenty of contenders for the #GoldenFistAward. The last quarter was controlled by the Dogs and better fitness was evident. The Bulldogs had a lot more opportunities up forward but failed to put together a winning score due to a heavy wet ball.

Eventual the Dogs would lose by 8 goals but everyone was proud of the effort shown by the team on a day full of variables. We would also like to thank those from Austin who helped fill our squad.

Denver Bulldogs: 3.4.23

Austin Crows: 11.11.77

Best: Drew Wolfe, Brad Mathers, Alex Mayberry, Cameron Freeman, Nick Moretto

Goals: Troy Kirk, Brad Mathers

Clanger: Cameron Freeman